Our Company

Polker.game is a blockchain based, provably fair, Play-to-Earn Poker game that allows players from all over the world to earn, trade, buy, and sell NFT’s through hands of Poker.

Ultimately, our mission is to increase interest in poker and NFT’s in the cryptocurrency space, merging the two to bridge the way for future projects, while using the blockchain as a mechanism to provide provably fair gameplay. Polker does this by using a patent pending TRNG system integrated with the blockchain.

Our vision Is the focus of developing both fairness and entertainment technology to enable fair and accurate reporting and let users of all different devices and tastes different ways to play, all integratable, all fair, and all to the benefit of our entire metaverse.

Our step to achieve these is by adding the best fundamentals and logic of the poker game, making challenging and exciting for all players to play. By doing this, our online poker game, is not just about poker anymore, it’s about giving the players the ability to earn incredible awards to share among friends and rivals, and up-dated 2021 graphics.

About Technology

Our True Random Number Generator starts with the player’s seed and combines it with our platform’s seed and the random nature of the blockhash value which ensured that the number generated is truly random, while remaining verifiable and provably fair. *Click the “TRNG” button to see the process.
Polker utilizes the unlimited potential of the blockchain to provide full transparency in every aspect of gameplay by using our multiple patent granted technology. The player is fully protected against fraud and cheating. We store every gameplay action and value as a hash in a smart contract on the bloxkchain. By taken the raw values and hashing them, you are able to compare and verify the results independently to prove there was no manipulation.
Polker will be launching their own line of NFT’s in three separate forms of rarity, Standard, Rare, and Ultra-Rares. Each of them allow for different functions and interactions with the system

Meet Our Team

Min Yi

Chief Executive Officer

Hector Mayorga

Co-Founder & Chief of Gaming

Ivan Reif

Chief Development Officer

Elliott Schecter

Casino Logic Director

Sean Brennan

Revenue Director

Jesse Paul

Chief of Gaming Operations

Monique Ribeiro

Game Project Manager

Austin Berglin

Operations Manager

Alexander Quinit

Backend Engineer Director

Predusel Alexandru

Game Art Director

Rafael Dias

Game Engine Developer Manager

Menasria Lamine

Game Developer

Michael Tulagan

Backend Developer

Ronel Canaria

Backend Developer

Suren Sahakyan

3D Artist Director

Chinh Cao

Game Engine Artist Manager

Radu Vasile Dobra

UX Developer

Eduardo Gomez

Public Relations

Christian Torres

Creative Marketing


Mitchell Sahn

Financial Advisor

David Lorenzo

Legal Advisor

Aaron Enatsky

Legal Advisor

Yasir Iqbal

Blockchain Advisor

Artavazd Manukyan

Game Engine Advisor

Mary Elkordy

Public Relations Advisor




Q4 2018

Polker Prototype Showcase at Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, CA USA

Q1 2019

Platform Development

Q2 2019

Patent Issued, no.10,867,474 from USPTO

Q4 2019

Start Up summit in Malta, ranked top 10.

Q1 2020

Platform Development
Patent Issued, no.10,586,427 from USPTO

Q4 2020

Patent Pending no: 17/094,003
Patent Pending no: 17/110,799

Q3 2021

Celebrity Endorsement (Akon)
CEX Listing (BitMart)
Polygon Grants + Partnership
Chainlink Integrations
Quinel Pen Testing Integration
Polycon 2021
Added to Master Ventures Portfolio
Staking Live (ERC)

Q4 2021

"Testnet" Game Release
CEX listings
Tournament Game
Staking Live (BSC)
"Mainnet" NFT Game Release

Q2 2022

Mobile Game Launch

Q4 2022

Launch New Games